Monday, August 25, 2008


The Cephalopod and I

Silently the cephalopod
somehow started shuddering
as something somewhere suffering
screamed out from someones sin.

And strangely, when I saw the sin
I also started struggling so,
to stifle my sensation
of a strangling sort of sound.

I, descending south and circling, seeking,
Swam to save the screaming something.
I searched, the sound was sickening;
Uncertain, stopped I, listening.

The source I sought. The cephalopod,
still shaking, swerved and suddenly
just stopped and swooned, I ascertained
The sound had ceased. I sobbed.

Sadly, solemnly, the squid and I,
together, side by side, swam home.

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Your poetry is evocative and portrays a melancholy grey. I like it.
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