Thursday, March 31, 2005


Th--Music: Something That Happened

A song by Brooke Murphy entitled Something That Happened is the subject of my blog today. Created as an entry for the ever popular Minneapolis-based Immersion Composition Society Lodge "Bullet Lodge", this song screams coolness and color. Well thought out, put together well, it for sure has my ears stuck to it.

It is a song about something that happened. Exactly what happened, I dunno. Perhaps you can decifer the words and come up with an explanation. But, as for now, and for me, it is a song about color. I see colors, shapes, textures when I listen to the song. I love the vocals, the drums, how they smack once in a while, and the almost grainy flavor of the piece.

It also has a mucusy, anatomical feeling to it.


Something That Happened

Once there were green enzymes in the distance
They were tackling brown proteins and off-white carbohydrates
My pink eyes could see them through the black binoculars
That I held with my yellow hand
And red stomach acid melted down on them
This was the beginning of the end

A page with other Brooke entries to Bullet Lodge can be found at the Bullet Lodge site.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


W--Computer App: StudioFactory

For all those people who like to tinker with modular analog synths, here is a software modular synth. Right click to add components like Oscillators, Voltage Controlled Filters, Envelopes, Flangers, Sequencers, etc. Connect them with virtual patch cables, listen to it, tweak it. You can have great fun.

The program is undergoing development, but most of it works great right now. Brought to you by Syntiac Pages. Program works in Windows.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Computer App: Hoekey

Hoekey is a Windows application that allows you to create custom global hotkeys for your computer. The neat thing is it allows you to use the windows button in said hotkeys. For example pressing + opens up winamp.

Comes in handy.

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