Monday, January 31, 2005


Decode this garbage.

596F 7520 6361 6E20 7265 6A65 6374 2074 6865 206E 756C 6C20 6879 706F 7468 6573 6973 206F 7220 796F 7520 6361 6E20 6661 696C 2074 6F20 7265 6A65 6374 2074 6865 206E 756C 6C20 6879 706F 7468 6573 6973 2E0D 0A0D 0A48 6F6C 7920 436F 7721 2020 5768 656E 2079 6F75 2073 6169 6420 7468 6973 2077 6173 2067 6F69 6E67 2074 6F20 6265 2067 6172 6261 6765 2C20 796F 7520 7265 616C 6C79 206D 6561 6E74 2069 7421 0D0A 0D0A 474F 5348 210D 0A00

Friday, January 28, 2005


The Shoes

It's the shoes.

Picture taken by CP.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Music: Shopping Planet

To kick off the music section of this weblog, I will point you to a song I wrote in January 2003 as part of Bullet Lodge, a songwriting lodge which is a chapter of the Immersion Composition Society. (ICS)

Bullet Lodge is a game, you have to write at least six songs in a 24-hour period. These songs become a day-album, which is then shared with other members of the lodge at monthly meetings. In addition to helping one to become a better songwriter and increasing one's ability to record, the pressure aspect of doing it in a day makes it extremely fun. See the above links for more information about Bullet Lodge and ICS.

This particular song that I am showcasing comes from the second day album I made called "A League Itself Entirely Negated". The song is called Shopping Planet. Part of the reason how this came about is that we were to somehow put the phrase "Wal-martian" into one of our songs. Enjoy.

Link to Shopping Planet (mp3)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Computer Application: Firefox 1.0

You might have heard of Mozilla Foundation's internet browser, and that it is a good web browser. Well, it is. I use Firefox because I love the control, the tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker, customization features, and the fact that it is standards compliant.

Some people say, "Who cares if it is standards compliant? What does that mean?" It means that developers can design web sites and know how it will appear in the web browsers and not have to make tweaks to the code to cater to all the different web browsers. Think of the plumbing in your house. You rely on the manufacturers to create plumbing parts according to standards, otherwise, you'll never know if the pipes that you are buying will fit into your house.

So, I recommend that you download a copy of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and give it a try. It is free, of course.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Satisfying Restaurant-table Science

This is a part of a conversation I had with a friend a few days ago:

Okay. So, last night with Eric at Perkins, I ordered tea with lemon as my meal. I dipped the teabag into the hot water, and the water turned a smooth and silky green, ever deepening into a nice toasty forest hue. Normal, right?

Well, then I added a squeeze of lemon. Suddenly the tea turned fiery purple! Rich grilled fuchsia! Dark hot pink!

We stared at this mysterious mug of chameleon chamomile and hibiscus broth. Maybe the acid in the lemon did something to the chlorophyll to break it down, such that the underlying anthocyanin pigments were able to flood forthwith?

Then I remembered that cabbage is a natural litmus solution... cabbage water changes colors in response to pH level. So maybe this tea was doing that, too.

How do we test this hypothesis, though? We need a source of alkaline to counteract the acid in the tea and see if it turns back to green. Where do we find alkaline solutions in Perkins? At this hour? We asked the waitress if she could get us any baking soda. She claimed no, that lying fop.

I suddenly remembered that in the old days the pioneers used to make soap by filtering water through wood ash to make caustic lye, and then mixing that with animal fat. Caustic lye... that's about as alkaline as you can get. Water and ash!

So I lurked over to the smoking section and asked a fine young couple if I could have their cigarette ash. They gave me the look you can imagine they gave me, but agreed.

Back at the table, I mixed water with the ash and then mixed in some pink tea. It turned green! Cloudy and ashy, but green!

Just to make sure that it wasn't simply a factor of the ash itself causing some careless and hideous illusion of green, I added a squeeze of lemon juice to the gagging green slurry... and it turned pink again! More ash... green again! Litmus!

I have to tell you, that was some of the most satisfying restaurant-table science I've ever experienced.

It had everything I love about science. Weird observation. Hypothesis. Problem solving. Resourcefulness. Testing the hypothesis. repeating the experiment. Eliminating doubt.

We also experimented developing a napkin filtration system so that next time we can extract a less cloudy solution. But then we decided that we'll just ask for a coffee filter instead.

I say that the waitress was a lying fop because 1. that's funny to say that about her, and 2., we found out later that Perkins has a box of baking soda in their freezer, for odor control.

But, actually, I'm GLAD they didn't have any baking soda. As that forced having to come up with the ash solution. Solution!


Introducing the schedule

Pay attention to the left sidebar. There is a schedule. It will be followed more or less. That is what the general content will be on a given day of the week. Enjoy being bored by boring weblog.


Saturday, January 22, 2005


I could try to crush my head.


Goodness Gracious!

Welcome to the internet!

There are a lot of people here on the internet. Lots of blogs. Why add to it? I don't know. There is so much information on the internet, you're probably sick of it. So am I. But isn't it neat?

So, nobody will read this, but thats okay. I will continue to write these until I get really bored of it.

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